Sunday, October 24, 2010

Plug in Display- Also Scentsy Day 10

I made this very hastily for my party today. I will make a blog about that another day. Two blog posts in a day is ENOUGH! I am going to give directions, but when I make the REAL DEAL with electricity hooked up I will post more in depth.

Need: Picture frame (3 Dollars at Walmart), Outlet Plug ins (like 50 cents), Face Plate (also like 50 cents), scrapbook papers (or if your lazy like me and dont want to make two trips tissue paper haha 1 dollar), hot glue gun, box cutter
Step 1. Cut a hole in the backing of the picture frame with your box cutter. This will cut the mount off also, so you need to keep that for later.
Step 2. Put the outlet plug through the hole, and hot glue into place.
Step 3. Hot glue your scrapbook paper, or tissue paper to the backing of the frame. Obviously, you are going to have to cut a hole through the paper to put around the outlet plug.
Step 4. Glue the face plate on top.
Step 5. Glue the frame border (my frame came with one) on top of the tissue paper.
Step 6. Glue the mount back onto the back of the frame.
Thats it! It didnt really turn out like I wanted because I had to do it so fast, but when I do the GOOD one, I will post it on here too.


  1. Okay this is neat! :)

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  2. Would love to hear how you made this actually work.